About Us

About Us

Rotherham’s School Improvement Service (RoSIS) is committed to providing a School Improvement Service that represents value for money; is steeped in developing effective partnership working practices so that no school is left behind and is responsive to your needs enabling you as system leaders to influence both content and delivery.

You will have the opportunity to work with our team of talented, experienced and quality assured RoSIS Consultant Headteachers and Teaching & Learning Consultants who provide a wide range of knowledge and expertise.  We have further increased our Associate Headteacher/Leader workforce derived from Rotherham schools in order to provide additional capacity to elements of our offer.  This group of current school leaders all have a proven track record of securing sustainable improvements and are fully committed to our shared Rotherham mission.

In addition to the services set out in our Directory, a comprehensive Continuous Professional Development Brochure and Governors’ Prospectus is again being offered as part of the subscription.  In constructing this offer, we have been very mindful to align our approaches to recent guidance contained within the DfE’s document ‘Standards for teachers’ professional development’ (July 2016) which acknowledges that while professional development can take many forms, the best available research shows that the most effective professional development practices share similar characteristics. These characteristics form the standard for professional development which:

  • should have a focus on improving and evaluating pupil outcomes

  • should be underpinned by robust evidence and expertise

  • should include collaboration and expert challenge

  • should be sustained over time

  • and must be prioritised by school leadership.

As well as using this standard, we have also linked our new offer to other standards i.e.

  • National standards of excellence for headteachers (2015)

  • Teachers’ standards (2013)

  • Professional standards for teaching assistants (2016)

  • Competency Framework for Governance (2017)

For those schools and academies not fully subscribing to the RoSIS offer from September 2018, there is the opportunity once again for you to purchase specific school improvement services on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis.

We look forward to continue working productively with you over the next academic year as we work together towards achieving our Rotherham School Improvement Partnership mission of:

  • all pupils making at least good progress

  • no underperforming cohorts

  • all teachers delivering at least good learning

  • and all school moving to at least the next level of successful performance


Rockingham PDC, Roughwood Road, 

Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S61 4HY

T: 01709 334005

E: rosis@rotherham.gov.uk

School Improvement Partnership Mission:

all students making at least good progress;

no underperforming cohorts;

all teachers delivering at least good learning;

and all school moving to at least the next level of successful performance

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