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RoSIS has developed several projects to help schools enhace the pupils' learning related to EHWB, PSHE and RSE.  This includes aspects of drug education and relationships and sexual health education that can be enhanced by these projects.

All Geared Up PLUS Theatre in Education Performances – Drug education and CSE

From the school year 2016-17 age appropriate links in the drug education related performance will also be made to Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) e.g. how substances/gifts can be used in the grooming process.  Each ‘All Geared Up PLUS’ performance is now interwoven with workshop elements and will last approximately 90 minutes, watched by all Y6 pupils at the same time.


The performance continues to cover substance misuse awareness and associated issues, such as peer pressure, consequences, influences, personal image, relationships, choices and decision making.  The actors make the links related to substances and CSE via the interspersed workshop elements so children will have a common understanding at the end of the performance.


Drug Lifestory Project

The aim of this project is to give young people an overview of the life of a former substance misuser, risks and consequences, and to enable the young person to make a more informed choice around the use of substances, including alcohol, novel psychoactive substances (NPS) and illegal drugs if/when a situation arises.  (The impact is such that the Project Workers do not have to say ‘do not use drugs’; the students are able to decide this for themselves).


As a result of the session young people will have the opportunity to:

  • Increase their knowledge of the effects of substances

  • Consider their own views about former substance misusers

  • Consider their own future substance use


The Project worker speaks to a class size group of young people.  The students ask a series of 12 provided set questions to reveal the impact of a life of drug misuse and then are able to ask any additional questions at the end.  Pre and post evaluations are completed to measure impact.


PEP Talks Project – the impact of being a teenage parent

The PEP Talks Project supports relationships education in Y9 and/or Key stage 4 curriculum.  The Project workers tell a class sized group of students about their own experience around becoming a teenage parent and the issues they have had to deal with and the effect it has had on their lives and the lives of their wider families.  They disperse the myths some of the public associate as benefits of being a teenage parent.  The input impacts on three main areas:

  • The knowledge of the students around being a teenage parent

  • The attitudes of students about/towards teenage parents

  • The intentions of the students regarding teenage parenthood.


We evaluate the impact on the students before and after the input to measure the differences made, and also we evaluate the usefulness of the input from the staff point of view regarding the contribution to the Personal, Social, Health and Economic education curriculum.

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School Improvement Partnership Mission:

all students making at least good progress;

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all teachers delivering at least good learning;

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