"Every teacher needs to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better"         Dylan Wiliam












The Rotherham School Improvement Service (RoSIS) Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Brochure for Schools and Academies has been developed in consultant with Headteachers and together with the RoSIS Directory of Services and Governors’ Learning and Development Prospectus is designed to help all schools and academies move towards achieving our Rotherham School Improvement Mission.


Within this year’s RoSIS offer, you will find a range of CPD opportunities facilitated or delivered by our team of professionally qualified and experienced Teaching and Learning Consultants.  Working closely with practitioners and leaders in schools, this workforce will continue to provide additional value and expertise to the local schools-led improvement system.  The CPD opportunities have been aligned to the Standard for Teachers’ Professional Development (2016) which is based on the following characteristics:

1. Professional development should have a focus on improving and evaluating pupil outcomes.

2. Professional development should be underpinned by robust evidence and expertise.

3. Professional development should include collaboration and expert challenge.

4. Professional development programmes should be sustained over time.

And all this is underpinned by, and requires that:

5. Professional development must be prioritised by school leadership.


In addition, we have also linked our new offer to these other standards:

  • Teachers’ Standards (2013)

  • Professional standards for teaching assistants (2016)


Full details of our CPD offer, along with cost per delegate and booking arrangements, are set out in the brochure and are available to any school or academy whether based in Rotherham or elsewhere.  For those schools and academies that have opted to subscribe to the RoSIS Traded Services Offer in full, all CPD opportunities in the brochure are included as part of your subscription fee without further charges or limitation on the number of staff that want to attend.  Schools and academies will be informed via regular RoSIS circulars and CPD updates throughout the year when additional items are added to this offer.


Click here to download a copy of our new CPD Brochure for 2019/20.


How to Book

All CPD opportunities are available to view on our website by clicking the links opposite and places can be booked by emailing rosis@rotherham.gov.uk with your name, school, email address and the course reference.  A CPD booking form is available here for multiple bookings.

Rotherham School Improvement Service

Rockingham PDC, Roughwood Road, 

Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S61 4HY

T: 01709 334005

E: rosis@rotherham.gov.uk

Rotherham School Improvement Partnership Mission:

all students making at least good progress;

no underperforming cohorts;

all teachers delivering at least good learning;

and all school moving to at least the next level of successful performance

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