Picture This!


How it works

Picture This! focuses on some artwork (one or more paintings) and schools are invited to use it as an inspiration for cross-curricular work.  The challenge is to use the artwork imaginatively in classrooms as a stimulus for working creatively in areas such as literacy, art history, ICT music, dance and drama.


Rotherham's Picture This! Project is taken directly from and inspired by the National Gallery's country wide Take One Picture initiative.  We are grateful to the National Gallery's Education Department who provided us support guidance and encouragement in launching out own localised version of their project in 2007.

Benefits to schools

Schools are invited to send 1-2 members of staff to the Launch Event.  You will explore how paintings can be used across the curriculum.  You will take back with you some prints of the painting, information about it, some ideas and hopefully, the desire and inspiration to use it to develop some exciting work with children at your school.

We believe that it helps to inspire teachers across Rotherham to plan and teach creatively and each year a wide range of high quality work is produced by our children and young people.  All participating schools are invited to exhibit some of their work at a celebration event which takes place during the summer term as part of Rotherham's annual Children's Festival.

For teaching staff, 'Picture This!' should provide a range of professional development opportunities.  It should encourage schools to deliver their curriculum through a range of exciting and innovative approaches.  Hopefully, more schools will look to visit local galleries and places of interest where artwork is displayed.  Children will learn skills or gain understanding and knowledge that is new to them.  Or they will have the opportunity to use what has been previously learning and apply it creatively.  Children should be engaged and motivated by the project and have opportunities to develop their self-esteem and confidence.  It will help to develop a range of key skills and attributes that will aid their overall performance in school.


Thinking about how you would like to use the 'Picture This!' painting is the first step in the creative process. Think creatively and talk to other people in your school about how the painting can be used to develop children's learning.  Looking at your whole school curriculum map or existing scheme of work can help you develop ideas.


Once you have thought through your ideas about what to do with the picture, the next step is to plan carefully how and when work on this project will take place.  Some questions to think about include:

  • When is the best time in the school year to use the painting?

  • How long will you spend on it - a day, a week, a month, half a term, a term?

  • Can it fit in or be accommodated within existing schemes of work?  Or can things be 'tweaked'?

  • Which class(es) or year group(s) will use it?

  • What resources will you need?

  • What will the children be learning?


After the thinking and planning comes the doing.  The process of creating can take place across several subject areas.  Activities inspired by painting can range enormously and include work in clay, sculpture, design and technology and even science.  A variety of individual and small and/or large collaborative group work can take place.


After the process of creating, the next stage is to share the work with a wider audience.  Sharing gives children and adults the opportunity to evaluate their own and other people's work.  Sharing could be inviting another class to look at and respond to children's work, assembly, a school exhibition (for children and parents), making a short moving image film or putting examples of children's work on the school website.  As well as the big exhibition at Magna, we hope that examples of children's work from the project will be shown in public buildings across Rotherham.


Participation in the project is free for schools and academies subscribing to RoSIS and £300 for non-subscribing schools.


​If you would like more information or would like your school to get involved, please contact Rotherham School Improvement Service rosis@rotherham.gov.uk.

Rotherham School Improvement Service

Rockingham PDC, Roughwood Road, 

Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S61 4HY

T: 01709 334005

E: rosis@rotherham.gov.uk

Rotherham School Improvement Partnership Mission:

all students making at least good progress;

no underperforming cohorts;

all teachers delivering at least good learning;

and all school moving to at least the next level of successful performance

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