Statutory Assessment


The Local Authority has quality assurance processes in place to ensure that all statutory functions are carried out as per guidelines in the assessment and reporting arrangements for each key stage. An appeals policy, outlining the steps to take if the school is not satisfied with this process, is shared with schools on an annual basis. The Standards and Testing Agency (STA) monitors local authority systems, plans and evaluations to ensure that the LA is carrying out their statutory duties with respect to statutory assessment at each key stage. The Moderation Manager and all external moderators will have been trained and assessed in line with STA requirements. Academies and Free Schools that opt to purchase this statutory assessment package are considered to have entered into a ‘formal agreement’ with Rotherham LA to act as the provider for these services. It should be noted that it remains the responsibility of the academy to submit this information to the DfE via NCA tools by any given deadline.

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