We have produced a wide range of resources to support schools during lockdown - visit our new lockdown webpage and our response to the pandemic webpage.

Welcome to the Rotherham’s School Improvement Service (RoSIS) website. 

We are committed to a providing school improvement service that represents value for money; is steeped in developing effective partnership working practices so that no school is left behind and is responsive to your needs enabling you as system leaders to influence both content and delivery, through working with our team of talented, experienced and quality assured RoSIS Consultant Headteachers and Teaching and Learning Consultants who provide a wide range of knowledge and expertise.

Rotherham School Improvement Service

Rockingham PDC, Roughwood Road, 

Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S61 4HY

T: 01709 334005

E: rosis@rotherham.gov.uk

Rotherham School Improvement Partnership Mission:

all students making at least good progress;

no underperforming cohorts;

all teachers delivering at least good learning;

and all school moving to at least the next level of successful performance

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